A Soul Project

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« A Soul Project » is the AS POTIRONT’s tribute to black american songs that rocked our childhood.
More than a stylistic practice, it’s our pleasure to play Soul Music Old School and be a part of it.
Moreover it’s AS POTIRONT’s right way to be free and play music for fun.

1. Lost yout trail
2. The accident
3. Feel your body
4. Penthouse on the rocks
5. What do you hear?
6. I want you
7. I ain’t got no light
(when my baby’s gone)
8. You talk too much
9. So loud
10. Long road runner
11. When you come all alone

Recorded by AS POTIRONT between may and november 2012 at « Tiny hut in the backyard » studio.
Production by Damien Rent, « TheBigHat Productions ».
Photos by Phil Day. Artwork by Flounder Pat. Mastering by Masterlab System.
The whole thing was done in Nantes L.A. France.